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This kind of ring came to inform the whole world, that our Facebook status was recently changed from “in relationship” to “married”. Remember it, otherwise, the risk of changing it back to a “single” or even “it’s complicated” for you, is too high. That’s could be the most important advice here. Not to forget to change online status, it became very important nowadays.

But let’s get back to rings. Actually, we are not the first generation, who had an idea to put the ring on the finger, as a sign of marital status. The first were Egyptians, approximately 3000 years ago, then through the ancient Greece, the tradition came to Rome and via the Rome has “infected” the Europe and later, the whole world. The Egyptians were the first, who came up with the idea of making the symbol of eternal love from the wedding ring, explaining, that ring circle has no beginning and no end, but that’s not all, they pronounced, that the opening in the center should symbolize the door to the future. We will not argue with them, but at least now you know who is to blame for.
To help you make the right choice, choosing your wedding ring I can tell you about 2 common rules.

To help you make the right choice, choosing your wedding ring I can tell you about 2 common rules.

Rule 1. Your rings don’t have to fit each other. Each of you will wear wedding band on its own hand. So, if for example, he wants platinum and she want yellow gold wedding ring – let it be. It doesn’t mean, that your rings have to differ. If both of you love the same style, metal, and color, it is perfect as well. Remember, ring expresses your character, it has to fit your state of mind and soul because you will wear it every day for decades. So, the rule number one is: you have to love it.

Rule 2. Take your lifestyle into consideration. This ring is going to be a part of you, day after day for a whole life. It has to accept you as well: your profession, your hobbies, your routine. For example, a violinist will not choose thick and wide wedding band, that will disturb in holding and operating violin’s fingerboard. A bodybuilder will not choose diamond or gemstones set ring, that can get damaged or get loose by steel weight rod, crossbar or barbells. A mechanic will avoid a carved ring, that may trap grease and dirt, he probably, will choose platinum for its higher durability.

If you are surprised and want to ask me: What? Is that all you can tell me? I will answer you honestly, as a gemologist and as teacher in gemological college, using my knowledge and professional experience, I can give a lecture on the topic devoted to the wedding ring for about one hour and forty-five minutes. I would talk about polishing, brushing, blasting, ring profiles, ring types, and styles, manufacture technics and so on. But there is a difference between “to tell” and “to advise”. I can tell you a lot, but my advice is simple. Two rules will help you make the right decision. There is no need to create the “salad” in your head with all detailed information about wedding rings. I promised you to make it as simple as possible. So, let’s get started.

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In the description of the rings, you can meet the following terminology. To understand the meaning of each term, please, take a look at the following picture.

So, I hope these small secrets will help you make the right choice.
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